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22 Aug 2005
Cistera releases version 1.1 of Phone Modeler
02 Feb 2004
Cistera Announces Phone Modeler Open Source

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Phone Modeler

What is Phone Modeler?

PhoneModeler is a Java/Swing based Application that allows users to quickly model and publish Cisco IP Phone Services based on XML. It is our intention to support all platforms that support Java 1.4.x and Swing API such as Win32, Gnome, KDE and others.

It is the intention to allow Cisco IP Phone Users, Customers and IP Telephony Administrators the ability to rapidly build out applications for the Cisco 7940/60/70 phones without knowledge of the underlying XML schema used on the phone.

The overall objective is to create a robust modeling tool for Cisco 79xx phones that anyone can use to build and deploy XML Applications on these Phones.

Who is this for?

The Phone Modeler is for existing Cisco IP Telephony Customers who have in house expertise to develop and deploy XML Applications to the 79xx phones, for Cisco IP Telephony Partners who want to model Cisco IP Phone Services for sales and deployment purposes, for those who sell Cisco IP Telephony solutions and want to model and demonstrate the capabilities of the Cisco IP Phone, and finally for anyone who is simply interested in developing applications for the Cisco IP Telephony Environment.

What are the key features?

The Core GUI Infrastructure based on JHotDraw framework.
Easy to use Drag and Drop Environment.
Multiple Platform Support.
Simple Icon and Image Publication.
Instantly model, develop and build environment.
Simple Administration Capabilities.
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