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22 Aug 2005
Cistera releases version 1.1 of Phone Modeler
02 Feb 2004
Cistera Announces Phone Modeler Open Source

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About this project.

PhoneModeler is a Java/Swing based Application that allows users to quickly model and publish Cisco IP Phone Services based on XML. It is our intention to support all platforms that support Java 1.4.x and Swing API such as Win32, Mac OSX, Gnome, KDE and others.

Initiated by Corvero Networks, this project is intended to allow Cisco IP Phone Users, Customers and IP Telephony Administrators the ability to rapidly build out applications for the Cisco 79xx phones without knowledge of the underlying XML schema used on the phone.
The overall objective is to create a robust modeling tool for Cisco 79xx phones that anyone can use to build and deploy XML Applications on these Phones.


Cisco has now shipped over 2 Million IP Phones, predominately the 79xx series phones. All of current phones either support XML services (7960, 7940, 7970) or will support XML services (7905, 7912, 7920).

The benefit of these phones is the published API (Cisco IP Phone Services SDK ) that allows administrators and developers to build out XML based applications for the Cisco IP Phone. The challenge is that it does require a degree of sophistication that may or may not be available in an organization.

Cistera Networks sells appliances that look after integration between Cisco Call Manager and other Integration Components in the network. In many instances, customers were asking for a simple modelling tool that they could use to demonstrate and build simple applications for the phone, prior to deploying a complex integration appliance.

Corvero decided that rather than sell a modelling tool to help in this process, a wider adoption could be had if the tool was open source, thereby allowing the widest possible audience to participate in the project. With this in mind, it was decided to donate the existing code and design to the project and license this under the Mozilla Open Source License v1.1.

Corvero's motive is quite simple:

To promote widespread adoption of the XML Services on the Cisco IP Phone.
To find a way for developers to participate in this effort and tap into the shared knowledge.
To build out a broad and diverse community of Cisco IP Phone Users that can share experiences modeling and deploying XML applications, that they can share with other users.
To intiate a consistent approach (and API) to XML Services, increasing the rate of adoption.

How can you help?

At the very least, Cisco IP Phone Administrators can join Sourceforge, and participate in the forums. We are looking for ideas that can make this tool better.

If you are a developer or Cisco Partner and have the time, there is plenty of work to do to build out the functionality. So please join the community.

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