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22 Aug 2005
Cistera releases version 1.1 of Phone Modeler
02 Feb 2004
Cistera Announces Phone Modeler Open Source

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Features - Version 1.1

The Core GUI Infrastructure based on JHotDraw framework.
Easy to use Drag and Drop Environment.
Multiple Platform Support.
Simple Icon and Image Publication.
Instantly model, develop and build environment.
Simple Administration Capabilities.
Multipoint and Multilayer menu system.
Exporting of XML and WAR files.
Emulator for Windows 2000 (not XP).
Support for 7970 Color Phones.
Publish WAR objects (Servlet 2.3 API)

The Lightweight Web Server (LWS) Base Module provides the following features:

HTTP/1.1 compliant web server,
HTTPS support with Sun's JSSE,
Java Servlet 2.3 compliant web container,
Auto-deployment of web applications stored in a special directory,
Runs web applications directly from compressed Web Application Archive (WAR) files, reducing the disk space requirements,
Automactic reload of modified class files can be enabled per web application,
GUI-based installation program,
JustGetIt™ module manager web application for easy module installation and upgrade,
Server configuration through Java properties files,
Flexible API for embedding in a custom Java application.

Features that are not in Version 1.0 but planned for 2.0

Diagrams can be saved as GIF, PostScript, Encapsulated PS, PGML and SVG.
Internationalization for , British English, French, German, Spanish and Russian.
Project management. This allows the control of tasks and "to-do" lists for projects.
Corrective Automations and Design Critiques.
XMI v1.0 for UML 1.3 support.


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