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22 Aug 2005
Cistera releases version 1.1 of Phone Modeler
02 Feb 2004
Cistera Announces Phone Modeler Open Source

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You can get involved in this project. The project home page is phonemodeler@


User Documentation

PhoneModeler User Manual Version 1.1

Developer Documentation

PhoneModeler is a Java/Swing based Application that allows users to quickly model and publish Cisco IP Phone Services based on XML. It is our intention to support all platforms that support Java 1.4.x and Swing API such as Win32, Gnome, KDE and others.

How to build PhoneModeler from CVS SourceCode.

Embedding LiteWebServer in Phone Modeler

SourceForge Documentation

Introduction to SSH for SourceForge. - How to install and use SSH services on Sourceforge.

Basic Introduction to CVS and ( Project CVS Services - How to use CVS on sourceforge for a developer.

WinCvs CVS Client Installation Instruction - Installing PUTTY and WinCVS for a development environment.

Testing with JUnit

JUnit HowTo - (

JUnit Primer - (

JUnit CookBook - (



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